garden bench

When it comes to repurposing old items, garden benches are a versatile piece that can be transformed into something new and functional. Instead of tossing out your old garden bench, here are 10 innovative ideas for giving it a new lease on life.

1. Convert it into a storage bench
Take out the backrest of the bench and add hinged lids to create a storage space underneath the seat. This can be a handy solution for storing gardening tools, cushions, or outdoor toys.

2. Turn it into a planter bench
Remove the seat of the bench and fill the cavity with soil to create a planter box. You can plant flowers, herbs, or even small vegetables in the planter bench for a unique and beautiful garden feature.

3. Transform it into a mini bar
Add a slim shelf to the back of the bench to create a space for glasses and bottles. Paint the bench in a fun and vibrant color, and you’ve got yourself a stylish outdoor bar for entertaining guests.

4. Make it a meditation bench
Place a cushion or seat cushion on top of the bench for a comfortable place to sit and meditate. You can also add a small table next to the bench for holding candles or incense.

5. Create a reading nook
Place the bench in a shady spot in your garden and add a cushion and some throw pillows for a cozy reading nook. You can also hang a small bookshelf or magazine rack on the side of the bench for easy access to reading material.

6. Build a birdhouse bench
Attach a birdhouse or bird feeder to the back of the bench to attract birds to your garden. You can also hang a bird bath nearby to create a relaxing oasis for your feathered friends.

7. Make a potting bench
Remove the seat of the bench and replace it with a sturdy countertop for potting plants. Add hooks and shelves for storing pots, tools, and supplies, creating a convenient and functional potting bench.

8. Turn it into a kids’ play area
Paint the bench in bright colors and add a chalkboard on the backrest for creative play. You can also hang a bucket of chalk or other art supplies on the side of the bench for easy access.

9. Create a fairy garden
Place the bench in a secluded corner of your garden and add miniature plants, fairy accessories, and tiny furniture to create a whimsical fairy garden. You can also hang fairy lights or lanterns on the bench for a magical touch.

10. Build a swing bench
Attach sturdy ropes or chains to the ends of the bench and hang it from a tree branch or pergola to create a swing bench. This fun and relaxing addition to your garden will be a hit with kids and adults alike.