outdoor side table

A well-designed outdoor space is not complete without stylish and functional side tables to elevate the overall look. Here are 10 options to consider:

1. Sleek Metal Mesh Table: A contemporary choice that adds a modern touch to any outdoor setting.

2. Teak Wood Accent Table: Bring warmth and natural beauty to your space with a teak wood side table.

3. Woven Wicker End Table: Perfect for a tropical or coastal theme, this table adds texture and charm.

4. Glass Top Patio Table: A sleek and sophisticated choice for a more upscale outdoor space.

5. Ceramic Garden Stool: Versatile and eye-catching, a ceramic garden stool can be used as a side table or extra seating.

6. Concrete Block Table: Industrial chic at its finest, a concrete block table adds a unique touch to any outdoor setting.

7. Live Edge Wood Slab Table: Embrace the beauty of nature with a live edge wood slab table that showcases the natural grain of the wood.

8. Colorful Metal Drum Table: Add a pop of color and personality with a vibrant metal drum table.

9. Folding Bistro Table: Perfect for small spaces, a folding bistro table is both stylish and practical.

10. Mid-Century Modern Side Table: For a retro vibe, consider a mid-century modern side table with clean lines and sleek design.

Choose a side table that complements your outdoor furniture and reflects your personal style to create a cohesive and inviting outdoor space.